Kushiro Photo Contest 2017

【Contents】 Photograph of the charm of the evening scenery in the Kushiro area

【Entry Period】 2017.10.1(Sun)~2018.1.21(Sun)

Kushiro Photo Contest 2017 Entry Guidelines (for English)

【Entry Rules】
・In the case of Photo-department,Up to 5 applicants per person.
・In the case of Instagram-department,You may post as many photos with the hashtag #Uyake946 during the contest period but the winner can only win once.
・Do not apply to duplicate entries. ・Processing of photograph is free.
・Entry is limited to the photograph that the entrant takes and holds all applicable rights.
・The organizer reserves the right to disallow entries that depict copyright, rights of persons, brand logos or other intellectual property in any type of forms.
・Entrants are responsible for the resolution of any legal issues arising from their photograph and agree to pay any costs thereby incurred.
・Although entrants retain the copyright, the organizer retains the rights of use.
・Photograph could be used in the cases below. Kushiro Uyake Club reserves the right to publish all entries onto websites, social networking services and the other types of media formats. Such publication does not guarantee an award of any kind. Associated organizations, companies, groups of the members of Kushiro Uyake club receives the right to publish any types of publications and medias for usage of public relations, except commercial use e.g. newspapers, magazine, posters, etc.

【Result announcement】
・After the application period, we will strictly review and announce prizes.

【Inquiry for entry the contest】
Uyake Club Management Desk E-mail:uyake946.info@gmail.com
Please note that no response shall be given to any inquiries or complaints regarding the judges’ decisions.