Kushiro Uyake Club Photo Contest 2016

Entry Guidelines

The contest will accept the both entries from digital (email) and printed format (size A4 or larger)

Photograph could be that have been displayed in other contests or that have been entered to the other contests currently underway. Photograph that have won prizes in other contests is also eligible.

Entrants are required to obtain the prior permission and consent of the persons who are portrayed in their photos.(Should the portrayed person is under the age of 18, the entrant requires the prior permission of a parent or a guardian of the portrayed person.)

Entry is limited to the photograph that the entrant takes and holds all applicable rights.

The organizer reserves the right to disallow entries that depict copyright, rights of persons, brand logos or other intellectual property in any type of forms.

Entrants are responsible for the resolution of any legal issues arising from their photograph and agree to pay any costs thereby incurred.

Copyright of the photograph and Organizer’s Rights of use.
Although entrants retain the copyright, the organizer retains the rights of use.

Photograph could be used in the cases below.

Kushiro Uyake Club reserves the right to publish all entries onto websites, social networking services and the other types of media formats. Such publication does not guarantee an award of any kind.

Associated organizations, companies, groups of the members of Kushiro Uyake club receives the right to publish any types of publications and medias for usage of public relations, except commercial use e.g. newspapers, magazine, posters, etc.

Grand Prize (No. of Awards : 1) 30,000 JPY
2nd Prize (No. of Awards : 3) 10,000 JPY
Kushiro Uyake Club Special Award (No. of Awards : several) Specialty of Kushiro City

Kushiro Uyake Club Photo Contest 2016 Entry Guidelines (for English)

How to enter the contest

There is no limits on numbers of submitting photos per an entrant.
(In case of Printed format)

Enter the contest by providing the required information in the entry forms next page then post with photograph.
(In case of digital format)

Enter the contest by providing the required information in the entry forms next page , then attach to email with a photograph (one email, one photograph )

Entry Period 2016.10.21 (Fri) – 2017.1.21 (Sat)

How to Entry
E-mail:stamp@uyake946.com In case of the digital entry, Email: stamp@uyake946.com
In case of the entry with printed format,
Address: 7-1-45, Kushiro-city, Harutori. TAIKIYU, [Kushiro Uyake club management office Photo contest DIV]

Inquiry for entry the contest

Uyake Club Management Desk, Photo Contest DIV, E-mail:uyake946.info@gmail.com

Please note that no response shall be given to any inquiries or complaints regarding the judges’ decisions.

Once submitted, entries will not be returned to entrants under any circumstances, even if they are later withdrawn.

Please note that the organizer may elect to postpone the contest due to circumstances of any kind.
Winners may be requested to provide higher resolution images or original film format for publication or display purposes.(In case of the above, the provided films are going to be returned to the winners )

Personal Information
The provided personal information will be used for pertaining to the contest, the names of the winners will appear with the winning entries. should you prefer using your ’pen-name’ for photograph. please refer below.

We have another contest for Instagramers! Please visit our website for more information!

Kushiro Uyake Club Photo Contest 2016 Entry Guidelines (for English)
フォトコンテスト 写真募集要項